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Updated May 22, 2024
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There are a number of state-specific forms you may need when going through the probate process.

General Forms

In Palau, most of the decedent's property is distributed during eldecheduch. However, some assets (such as car registered solely to the decedent) require court authorization. Small estates without land are handled by the Court of Common Pleas, and larger estates by the Trial Court.

You can check with your local court for the forms they might prefer, and below you will find some of the more common PW forms:

See PW Probate Forms (and click on Estate Forms to the left) for a more complete list of forms that may be required in certain situations. See also PNC Title 25 Chapter 2 for estate settlement statute.

Small Estates

Small estates sometimes need only 1 specialized form or affidavit: see Small PW Estates.

Additional Information

See also Overall Probate Process in PW.

In case you're interested, probate forms for other states can be found here:

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