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Updated May 22, 2024
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There are a number of state-specific forms you may need when going through the probate process.

General Forms

In Tennessee, probate is normally handled by the Clerk and Master of the applicable Chancery Court (Tennessee's 95 counties are divided into 31 judicial districts, each with its own Chancery Court). If you are using EstateExec and you enter the decedent's county of legal residence on the Decedent tab, you will see a link to the appropriate court here.

You can check with your local court for the forms they might prefer, and below you will find some of the more common TN forms:

Tennessee does not provide official state-wide forms, so above we have provided example probate forms from various counties. It may be best to contact your local county to see if they have preferred forms, but if not, you may want to adapt one of the forms from the Hamilton County Court Clerk Probate Forms or the Nashville Circuit Court Clerk Probate Forms. The appendix of the Tennessee Manual for Probate also provides a few generic form examples.

Small Estates

Small estates sometimes need only 1 specialized form or affidavit: see Small TN Estates.

Additional Information

See also Overall Probate Process in TN.

In case you're interested, probate forms for other states can be found here:

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