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Updated May 22, 2024
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There are a number of state-specific forms you may need when going through the probate process.

General Forms

In Utah, the local District Court handles wills and estate probate, If you are using EstateExec and you enter the decedent's city of legal residence on the Decedent tab, you will see a direct link to the appropriate court here.

You can check with your local court for the forms they might prefer, and below you will find some of the more common UT forms:

  1. Probate Cover Sheet - Submit with any court filings
  2. Application for Probate (Form 1002ES) - Get the probate process started
  3. Application for Probate without a Will (Form 1001ES) - Get the probate process started if there is no will
  4. Waiver of Notice (Form 1003ES) - Tell court that certain heirs have waived notice requirements
  5. Acceptance of Appointment (Form 1008ES) - Accept appointment as personal representative
  6. Announcement and Notice to Creditors (Form 1011ES) - Tell creditors they must contact you
  7. Estate Inventory - Report estate contents to the court (consider attaching EstateExec Inventory Report)
  8. Estate Accounting - Consider using EstateExec Accounting Report
  9. Receipt and Release - Obtain receipt from heir for distribution
  10. Closing Statement - Tell the court you have finished settling the estate

See UT Probate Forms for other forms that may be required in certain situations.

Small Estates

Small estates sometimes need only 1 specialized form or affidavit: see Small UT Estates.

Additional Information

See also Overall Probate Process in UT.

In case you're interested, probate forms for other states can be found here:

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