MA Probate Forms

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There are a number of state-specific forms you may need when going through the probate process.

General Forms

In Massachusetts, the local Probate and Family Court handles wills and estate probate.

You can check with your local court for the forms they might prefer, and below you will find some of the more common MA forms:

  1. Notice of Intended Probate (Form MPC-550) - Notify heirs that you plan to begin probate
  2. Petition for Informal Probate of Will (Form MPC-150) - Get the probate process started
  3. Notice of Probate (Form MPC-551) - Notify creditors that you have begun the settlement process
  4. Inventory (Form MPC-854) - Tell the court about estate contents
  5. Final Accounting (Form MPC-853) - Submit final financials to court
  6. Petition for Complete Settlement (Form MPC-855) - Ask permission from court to complete settlement
  7. Closing Statement (Form MPC-850) - Submit Closing Statement to court

See MA Probate Forms for a more complete list of forms that may be required in certain situations, and see also the official MA Guide to Estate Administration.

Small Estates

Small estates sometimes need only 1 specialized form or affidavit: see Small MA Estates.

See also General Probate.

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