CO Probate Forms

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There are a number of state-specific forms you may need when going through the probate process.

General Forms

In CO, district courts handle probate. In Denver County, use the specialized probate court.

You can check with your local court for the forms they might prefer, and below you will find some of the more common CO forms:

  1. Application for Informal Probate with a Will (Form JDF-910) - Get the probate process started if there is a will
  2. Application for Informal Probate without a Will (Form JDF-916) - Get the probate process started if there is no will
  3. Notice of Hearing (Form JDF-711) - Notify interested parties about a hearing
  4. Waiver of Notice (Form JDF-719) - Enable interested parties to simplify the process
  5. Estate Inventory (Form JDF-941) - Report estate contents (consider attaching EstateExec Inventory Report)
  6. Creditor Notice Publication (Form JDF-943) - Publish notice to creditors
  7. Creditor Notice (Form JDF-944) - Deliver notice to creditors
  8. Estate Accounting (Form JDF-942 SC) - Tell court about estate finances (consider attaching EstateExec Final Accounting Report
  9. Petition for Final Settlement (Form JDF-960 SC) - Ask court for permission to make distributions and wrap things up
  10. Closing Statement (Form JDF-965 SC) - Tell the court you are finished with your duties

See CO Probate Forms for a more complete list of forms that may be required in certain situations.

Small Estates

Small estates sometimes need only 1 specialized form or affidavit: see Small CO Estates.

See also General Probate.

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