Keyboard Shortcuts

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People who use EstateExec frequently may want to use keyboard shortcuts to speed certain operations (see Accessing Keyboard Shortcuts below for the standard way to access shortcuts using your browser and operating system):

Common Shortcut Keys

Here are some common shortcut keys used throughout EstateExec:

  • S - Save All: Save any changes you have made
  • C - Cancel All: Cancel any changes you have made and revert to the last saved version
  • N - Create: Create a new entry in the table you are using
  • X - Delete: Deleted selected entries in the table you are using

Estate Tab Navigation

To navigate between estate tabs, simply click on the tab you want, or use the keyboard shortcut to activate the tab number you want:

  • 0 - Docs Tab
  • 1 - Overview Tab
  • ...
  • 9 - Distributions Tab

If you want to go back (or forward) to a tab you have previously visited, you can use the browser's standard keyboard shortcuts:

  • Left Arrow - Back: Go back to previously used tab
  • Right Arrow - Forward: Go forward again to tab you were using before you went back

Accessing Keyboard Shortcuts

You activate a keyboard shortcut using the standard method for your browser and operating system. For example, to Save All in:

  • Chrome on Windows: Alt+S
  • Chrome on MacOS: Command+S
  • Firefox on Linux: Ctrl+Alt+S
  • See Global Browser Access Keys if you need help with your setup
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