Privacy and Security

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EstateExec is private and secure, likely safer than your own personal devices.

Your Data is Private

We have a simple privacy policy: your data is private. We do NOT sell or rent any customer information to third parties. See EstateExec Canadian Privacy Policy for detailed information.

Your Data is Secured

EstateExec takes security very seriously, and encrypts all transmissions between your browser and our servers, encrypts the data on our servers, and provides additional protections as well. BTW, EstateExec runs on Google Cloud, and is thus protected by Google's world-class physical and digital security. You can't get much better than that...

People sometimes wonder if storing data on their own local devices might be safer, but surprisingly, the opposite is true. Not only do we encrypt the data, we also slice and dice it with a multitude of other people's information (there is no complete "estate document" on the server), making it very difficult to even understand what belongs where. By contrast, a person's individual computer contains complete files, is a clear target for anyone wanting information about that person in particular, can be stolen in its entirety, and is usually protected from digital incursion only by consumer-grade antivirus software.

Your Data is Safeguarded

EstateExec also provides better protection from outright data loss as well. Our data is automatically backed up, including geographic dispersion, and the hardware is automatically monitored to catch and resolve issues before they have a chance to affect data availability. By contrast, a person's individual computer can fail, can be destroyed in a fire or other accident, and is usually not backed up reliably (including storing those backups offsite in case of disaster).

"I had a catastrophic data loss on my local computer, actually while attempting to back up to OneDrive. But thankfully, I had uploaded my financial backup pdfs to EstateExec!" – Pamela A.

Your Choice

All that being said, there is no need to store particularly sensitive information on EstateExec. You can use all EstateExec functionality without the need for storing things such as social security numbers, EINs, death certificates, or even simple account numbers. Of course, it can be convenient to store everything in a centralized location, and you're welcome to do so. It's up to you!

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