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EstateExec can provide better service if it knows a few things about the decedent. Moreover, having this information in a central place will be very helpful to you, as you will need to refer to it repeatedly throughout the executor process.

You enter this information on the Decedent tab, which will be named whatever label you chose for your estate.

Province of Residence

It is important to enter the decedent's legal province of residence correctly, as it is used to determine various estate requirements.

Date of Death

The date of death is used to calculate due dates on the Tasks tab, to determine applicable probate fees, mileage reimbursement rates, and more. If the estate owner is still living, just leave this blank.

Will and Funeral Instructions

It can be helpful to keep all estate-related information together, so you may wish to upload a copy of the will and/or funeral instructions for easy access. However, EstateExec itself does not need a copy of the will: we supply this capability simply as a convenience.

Please also be aware that a digital copy of a will is usually not considered legally valid: an actual, signed, paper copy of a will is still the default standard. If you are entering information in advance, you may also wish to upload instructions for locating the original will (you can upload multiple files, one at a time). And/or you can put these instructions in the notes of the Locate Will task.


To obtain a Trust Asset Number (TAN) for the estate, you will have to apply to the CRA (see First 3 Months)


EstateExec doesn't use the social insurance number for anything; this field is just for your convenience so you can have one location to store everything. You don't have to enter it here if you don't want to.

Phone & Email

Don't worry if you don't have the phone numbers or email address. These can sometimes be helpful in proving identity or logging in, but they aren't strictly required.

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