Forgive Debt

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Sometimes you can convince a creditor to agree to fully or partially "forgive" a debt, meaning that the amount is no longer owed (see Resolving Debts for a short discussion on debt forgiveness).

To record that a creditor has forgiven some or all of a debt,

  1. Select the "Debts" tab, and click the "Forgiven" cell for the desired debt.
  2. Enter the amount forgiven; EstateExec will automatically show you any remaining amount owed.
  3. Press the "OK" button (as always, remember that your changes are not saved until you press the estate "Save All" button).

It's worth noting that Debt forgiveness does not cause an entry to appear in the Cashflow tab, because no money changes hands.

See also Pay Off Debt to pay off any remaining amount owed.

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