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EstateExec is designed to be easy to use, and includes extensive documentation and interactive hints. If you're unsure how to get started with EstateExec, see Using EstateExec. EstateExec includes free technical support, so you can also contact us at Support if you have a question.

Even so, we understand that it can be reassuring to talk to someone about your particular estate, help you understand how to best use EstateExec in your situation, and maybe even enter some of the data for you. Consequently, we offer a Guided Start service...

Guided Start Service

If you'd like help getting started, our Guided Start service offers 1 hour of interactive consultation to help you get going. During an initial video consultation, one of our experts will talk with you to learn more about your estate, and help you understand how to get started using EstateExec.

If desired, you can split your time, so that you get some initial help during a first call, then follow up with a second call after you have had a chance to think about what was discussed, or gather data requested by the expert.

You can also ask the expert to enter some of the data for you, including basic estate information, assets, debts, cashflow, and more (within the constraints of the overall available time).

Once you purchase a session, we will contact you to arrange for your initial video conference with one of our knowledgeable experts. Note that while our experts will strive to be as helpful as possible, they cannot and do not provide legal or financial advice.

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