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When someone passes away, their affairs (i.e., their estate) must be settled (assets collected, debts paid off, distributions made, etc.). Depending on a variety of factors, the person responsible for settling these affairs may be known as a personal representative, administrator, trustee, and more, but to keep things simple, for now we'll use the term "executor" to refer to all of these roles.

EstateExec is online software that helps organize and manage the process of estate settlement. First-time executors, people preparing their own estates in advance, and professional estate attorneys (click here for Introduction for Lawyers) all use EstateExec to simplify this process.

Serving as an estate executor can be challenging, and for many of us, it will be the first (and only) time we do it. EstateExec is designed to help you make the process as painless and as simple as possible. Think of EstateExec for estate disposition as Quicken® is for personal finance management. It can't do it for you, but it can provide great assistance.

Charts and graphs showing overall progress and status

EstateExec provides a customized list of executor tasks, plus a centralized location to collect, manage, and optionally share estate data.

EstateExec also includes a number of discount offers from name-brand suppliers for services commonly needed by executors.

Example discount coupon for associated executor services

These discount offers are associated with particular tasks assigned to your estate, and are usually from name-brand suppliers. EstateExec does not recommend or receive compensation from these discount providers; we make these offers available simply as a service to our customers.

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You can optionally share data with other people, including your attorney or other interested parties (such as heirs), giving them "view-only" or "edit" access. You can also export data into PDF or data files (CSV).

Diagram showing types of sharing
  • Attorney — If you choose to work with an attorney, you can save time and money by organizing and sharing information via EstateExec.
  • Co-Executors — An online EstateExec estate is a great way to coordinate when there are multiple executors.
  • Heirs — Estate disposition can be a stressful time for heirs, and unfortunately, it's quite common for some mistrust to develop. EstateExec can help everyone better understand the overall situation, helping to preserve family relationships.

It's easy to get started!  If you haven't already, simply create an estate and follow the instructions of the Quick Start Wizard.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact EstateExec Support – we're here to help!

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You can use EstateExec free for 10 days – no credit card, email, or registration required! If you want to continue using it after the introductory period, just click the License Now button in your estate's Overview tab. While EstateExec does not provide legal or tax advice, it will likely save you weeks of effort and thousands of dollars.

Come join the many other executors who already rely on EstateExec. We know it can be tough to serve as an executor, and we're here to help. You are not alone!

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